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"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Organize Digital Photos On Your PC, Sorting Them Into Folders And Adding Descriptive Names To Each One" 




A Quick And Easy Way To Organize Your Photos

This software provides a quick and easy way to organize your photos.

When you transfer your photos to your PC from a digital camera, the photos usually have numeric file names and all the photos are together in a single folder.

This software allows you to add a description to each file name and to sort the photos into different subfolders for separate subjects. For example, you might have a mixture of holiday snaps and family photos on your camera. You can create separate subfolders for "holiday snaps" and "family photos" and then put the photos into the correct subfolders.

To use the software, you need two folders. One folder is where you will initially put your photos from your camera (your "Source" folder). The other folder (your "Destination" folder) will hold all the subfolders containing your organized photos.

Now run the software...

Use the Setup button and enter the names of the Source and Destination folders.

The software will then display the first photo in the Source folder. Enter a description for the photo and select which subfolder to put the photo in (click the "New" button to create a new subfolder). Now click the Store button and the photo will be renamed and moved to the relevant destination subfolder. The software will then show the next photo in the source folder in a continual sequence, until all the photos have been processed.

You can also rotate photos with a single click and even discard photos you don't want.

You can use the software again in future whenever you have new photos. The software will remember all your settings automatically.


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Requirements: The software is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows.